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Session 3.3.2 Oceanographic instrumentation and sensors 2
Kris Holderied
Ananya Sen Gupta
Day Thursday, September 21, 2017
Time 10:30 AM - 12:10 PM
Room Tubughnenq 5
Presenting Author: Mr. Stefan  Jespersen , Aalborg University
Author(s) Mr. Dennis Hansen , Aalborg University
Mr. Mads Bram , Aalborg University
Mr. Petar Durdevic , Aalborg University
Mr. Stefan  Jespersen , Aalborg University
Prof. Zhenyu Yang , Aalborg University
Paper Title Efficiency Evaluation of Offshore Deoiling Applications utilizing Real-Time Oil-in-Water Monitors
Presenting Author: Prof. Ananya Sen Gupta , University of Iowa
Author(s) Prof. Ananya Sen Gupta , University of Iowa
Rachel Bruflodt , Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Robert Nelson , Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Karin Lemkau , University of California Santa Barbara
Eleanor Arrington , University of California Santa Barbara
Veronika Kivenson , University of California Santa Barbara
Dr. David Valentine , University of California Santa Barbara
Dr. Christopher Reddy , Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Paper Title Fingerprinting the Refugio oil spill using Topographic Signal Processing of Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatographic images
Presenting Author: Dr. Yasuo Furushima , JAMSTEC
Author(s) Dr. Yasuo Furushima , JAMSTEC
Dr. Hironori Higashi , National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES)
Dr. Tatsuo Fukuhara , JAMSTEC
Dr. Naoki Furuichi , Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency (FRA)
Dr. Hiroyuki Yamamoto , JAMSTEC
Paper Title Direct measurement of near-bottom turbulence in deep ocean for predicting behavior of suspended particles in Sagami Bay and the Okinawa Trough, Japan
Presenting Author: Mr. Eric Nieves , Florida Atlantic University
Author(s) Prof. Manhar Dhanak , Florida Atlantic University
Mr. Eric Nieves , Florida Atlantic University
Prof. Pierre-Phillipe Beaujean , Florida Atlantic University
george Valdes , Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division
Brad Nelson , Aeromagnetic Solutions Incorporated
Will Avera , Naval Research Laboratory
Paper Title Isolating the Magnetic Signature of Internal Waves
Presenting Author: Ji Wu , Zhejiang University
Author(s) Dr. Haocai Huang , Zhejiang University
Mr. Liang Huang , Zhejiang University
Ji Wu , Zhejiang University
Ms. Yun Shen , Zhejiang University
Mr. Chaowu Sheng , Zhejiang University
Chenyun Zhang , Zhejiang University
Paper Title An Observation Instrument for Artificial Upwelling Based on Coastal Acoustic Tomography
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